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    Dedicated Resource(DR) is a person who provides services to the business unit under a specified contract. Business unit identifies a resource who can work dedicatedly work on the business with the shared requirements. Like Individual Contractor(IC), dedicated resource is not your employee and hence saves you from all legal confusions. You can assign tasks and goal to achieve with all the expectations which the DR will perform as per the standards marked up by you.

    Benefits over IC and Freelancer

    ICs & Freelancers may work for more than one business simultaneously but not DR

    For ICs you need to pay heavy costs due to an additional staffing industries but DR is a direct industry that shares your responsibility at reasonable cost

    Since DR promotes remote team, prices are reasonable

    You can fix your quality standards which DRs against the cases of Freelancers

    Discounted/No Service tax for clients outside India

    Replacement if not happy with a resource but may/may not happen with IC & Freelancing

    December/January Offer

    Book your services by January 31st 2015 EOD (PST) and win 50hours of development free

    Business Analyst is a person who gathers requirements, adds value to the solutions by comparing it with present and future trend and documents them.

    Generally used at the early stages

    Tester is a person who validates and verifies the functionality of the product that is developed and helps in identification of bugs/issues

    Generally used in ending phases of projects

    50 hours will be 25hrs for Business Analyst and 25hours of Tester

    You can raise resource request for using the offer and respective resource will be shared based on first-come-first-serve basis in order

    This offer cannot be replaced with extension of the DR chosen

    Steps Involved

    1. Register your services
    2. Provide your complete requirement with expertise
    3. Shortlist your DR through interviews
    4. Start working with the shortlisted DR
    5. Assign tasks and track progress through online tools

      Your Employee Contract Worker Gerak's Dedicated Resources
    Payable Cost
    (Example: Per month cost of 2years experienced PHP developer)
    USD5500 to USD6000 USD5700 to USD6500 USD1699
    Employee Benefits As per government rules optional None
    Infrastructure Cost Extra Extra Inclusive
    Constraints Tax IRS Tax issues None
    Scaleup Ability Slow and expensive Slow and expensive Fast and can skip levels
    Scaledown Ability Expensive and risky Expensive and risky Fast and can skip levels
    Rate of production Pace set by you Pace set by them Pace set by you
    Coding Quality Your coding standards No control over standards Your coding standards
    Resource transperancy Your team Your team Your team
    Time Zone Local Local Local
    Training Your training Your training Your training
    Copyrights Your IP Need a bond to change IP Your IP

    Payable cost Source: www.glassdoor.com