About Us

At Gerak Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we believe that every idea has the potential to transform the way business is done. What it needs, is to be developed and implemented in its usable, saleable form. That's where we come in. We help bring your ideas to life. We are a team of young innovators that develop software, mobile applications, websites and games. We are experts in user interface design and code development, but it is in our skill as technology consultants that we truly stand apart. As consultants, we provide business insight and use technology to design systems and solutions that are not only innovative and original but also capable of exploiting business opportunities.

If you have an idea, just reach out to us info@gerak.in and we will make it happen.

What Gerak Stands for

We take pride in our unique name which reflects our commitment to the success of our clients. The word ‘Gerak’ is derived from:
GERENT’ which means ‘an exceptional leader’.
A’ from the word ‘Acme’ which symbolizes the peak or top and
K’ from the word ‘Knowledge’ which stands for wisdom and excellence
Thus ‘GERAK’ means an expert and leader who understands what his clients need, and empowers them accordingly to help them become leaders in their own field.


To present our clients with ground-breaking solutions that apply the potential of technology to transform their business, while delivering on our promise of innovation, quality, knowledge and customer satisfaction.


To excel as an innovative business solutions partner to our clients and grow to be a leader that empowers businesses to lead.